At Silver Fox Tools we want to inspire you to make. We believe making is an integral part of being human. Making is an ancient inheritance that has been passed through time, from the old blacksmiths to the modern machinists. Our tools are designed to be not only used, but to be an everyday reminder to make your legacy.

The EDC ( Everyday Carry) community at its heart is about being prepared to make and mend. We are focused to give you tools with innovative design and high quality from the best craftsman we can find. Making heirloom tools that you would be proud to pass down the generations.

We send our tools into the hands of people all over the would, making the ownership of a Silver Fox Tools product something you can be proud to own.


To be personal, we do this because we love it. We are a small team with honour and passion and we will do whatever it takes to give you the best customer experience. You can connect with us and be confident we will get back to you.

Since starting Silver Fox in 2021, all these years later we still get a kick out of seeing the EDC (Every Day Carry) community enjoying using our tools. We are proud to make something you love as much as we do and we will always strive to design and make the very best tools for the EDC community.