Why do you want to reinvent and rejuvenate old design language?

When we hold something in our hands that feels so well made, we can’t ever imagine throwing it away. It becomes a legacy. This is the spirit old time tools have, this is the same spirit I want at Silver Fox Tools. We make tools that wouldn’t look out of place in your grandads tool box.

Why do you like making tools?

Being a Maker and EDC collector, i want to combine these two passions and design tools that are made for the EDC makers.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Pioneer tool makers of past. Whether it’s old blacksmithing or old military tools. I often look though vintage tool magazines or scan eBay for obscure bits of brass for inspiration.

How did you come up with the product names?

A lot of our tools are named after family or friends. For example the Crichton coin is named after my grandfather who ran a stationary company back in the 60’s.

What was the biggest mistake or product that didn’t quite make it?

Most of our tools have a few failed prototype attempts but one that never got off the ground was in the early days. I designed a beard comb! I cringe just thinking about it. I had the idea to make a beard comb in the shape of an axe. After we cut it out of steel on the CNC plasma it was more like a potential face bloodbath comb than a grooming dream.