We feel that quality made pocket tools are valuable, practical and enjoyable part of the makers and fixers lifestyle. It harks to the Boy Scout movement of always “Be prepared.”

So in 2018 we set out to bring our first hand tool to market. We designed prototypes and failed many times.

Finally in 2019 we struck upon our first viable, pocket tool – The Jack Axe- and set about converting our concept into a product to be used more widely.


Having bought many hand tools for personal use over the years, we knew that design, quality and attention to detail are key elements. We take inspiration from classic and vintage design, its in the sometimes simple utilitarian style that makes something stunning and useful. You only have to look at world war era tools to see beautiful design. Our challenge is to reimagine it for the modern pockets and make tools that we know you can rely on.

Each tool is hand made and quality checked before being sent out to you. This should reassure you (and us!) that each one is perfect for the job in hand.